Top Ten Ascents of 2011

Rock and Ice did their “Top Ten Ascents of 2011“…I highly recommend you check it out. You’ll see Sasha DiGiulian’s “Pure Imagination” climb at number 6 (whose video I posted about just a few days ago). Though I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with their rankings, the number one climb, Meru Shark’s Fin, is pretty incredible.

Meru Shark's Fin

Meru Central (6310m) in India’s Gangotri Region, showing the route (VI 5.11d M5 80 degrees, ca. 2000m), in red, climbed by Czechs Marek Holecek and Jan Kreisinger in October. The yellow line is Shangri La (ED 5.9/5.10 A1/A2 M5 75 degrees), established by Valeri Babanov in 2001. The Shark’s Fin is the 400-meter-high prow of stone that leads to Meru Central’s summit. Despite numerous attempts, the Shark’s Fin remains unclimbed.[Photo] Jan Kreisinger, [Text] Alpinist


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