Watching others climb and succeed

For a sport/activity that is generally considered an isolationist sort of activity, I’ve been surprised at how communal the climbing community seems to be. In this case I am referring to the way that certain climbers put themselves and their progress out for others to see. Now this is certainly related to my earlier post on Climbing and Social Media, but instead of evaluating the state of things, I just wanted to share the climbers and efforts that I’ve found and that I’m following.

Alan Arnette: you can find Alan’s blog here. From his site you can reach his Facebook page, blog, Twitter account, etc. Alan recently finished his Seven Summits climb to raise money for Alzheimers research, and using his site I was able to follow his way through the adventure.

Lonnie Dupre: Lonnie calls himself a “Polar Explorer” vice a climber. His website, which can be found here, is currently tracking his progress on a solo winter attempt on Mt. McKinley/Denali. He’s got a map up showing his progress, and links to his Twitter and Facebook accounts as well. His site also has plenty of information on his previous polar expeditions.

Jordan Romero: Jordan is now the youngest (at 15 years old) to have climbed the Seven Summits. His website, here, details that adventure, to include real-time positioning, a chat feature, his twitter feed, links to his Facebook account, etc. And of course, congratulations to Jordan for achieving his goal.

I have watched others through websites like SummitPost, but the above three are the ones whose sites I have found and that allow me to stay abreast of their progress. I think it’s a wonderful thing, that from the comfort and warmth of my own home I can stay up to date on their successes.

Do you know of other climbers/explorers with sites like the above?


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