I’m not into bouldering, but this is spectacular

Bouldering was the third climbing “thing” I tried after my first class. The local gym out here has a huge bouldering area, so I gave it a shot. And you know what? It wasn’t for me. A good friend of mine mentioned to me today that she liked it in part because it didn’t require a partner. On that alone I would like it, since my main impediment to climbing right now is a lack of a partner to belay me. But the first time I tried it (bouldering) was my last.

bouldering area

I got up on the wall and got stuck atnearly the second move- well, that’s not so bad…it’s happened to me on the regular climbing wall as well. In this case, though, I found it frustrating and aggravating that I was literally 9 inches off the ground and stuck. I felt my options for movement were far too limited, and that the rush I got from top-roping just didn’t exist (for me) with bouldering.

But…I certainly recognize the impresive skill and strength needed to do it well. Thus this video (found courtesy of the ClimbingNarc website):


Holy goodness, right? Watching it straight through is super impressive. It’s also interesting to just skip through the video using the progress bar, which makes it more akin to multiple still images in a flip book. Ondra looks like a spider moving across the rock.


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