“…..becomes first to climb Second Seven Summits.”

The accomplishment is no less impressive or daunting, and I still applaud Kammerlander for achieving it. I’m unfamiliar with all but two (Mt. Logan and K2) of the peaks on this list. K2, while not the highest mountain in the world, seems to be generally thought of as perhaps the hardest. A great book on this is ‘K2: Life and Death on the Worlds Most Dangerous Mountain‘ by Ed Viesturs and David Roberts. This is actually one of the first mountain books I read. It’s a wonderful chronicle on the history of attempts and efforts on and around K2, to include a great section on the Duke of the Abruzzi. But, back to Kammerlander’s accomplishment:


“This is a somewhat particular journey seeing that, alpinists and laymen alike, know of the fourteen 8000ers and also the Seven Summits – the seven highest peaks of each continent – but almost no one has ever been interested in the world’s second highest peaks. This idea, invented by Kammerlander himself, speaks volumes about the 55-year-old ace alpinist’s creativity, about his simple, sincere style as well as his unbridled love for the mountains.”

See this article at Planet Mountain for more information.

2001 K2 (8611m), Pakistan (Asia), via Cesen, with Jean- Christophe Lafaille
2009 Ojos del Salado (6893m), Chile (South America), with Toni Mutschlechner
2009 Mount Kenya (5199m), Kenya (Africa), west face with with Konrad Auer
2010 Mount Logan (5959m), Alaska (Nord America), with Konrad Auer
2010 Dychtau (5204m), Russia (Europe), with Florian Kern
2011 Puncak Trikora (4730m), Indonesia (Oceania)
2012 Monte Tyree (4852m), (Antarctic)



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