“Practice” climb in June….Katahdin!

My summer adventure on Mt. Adams is quickly approaching…August doesn’t seem so far away anymore. My friend, who is climbing with me, had the excellent idea of a pre-climb, i.e. doing something between now and then to test some of our gear and for the sake of fitness and practice. I thought this was an awesome idea. He floated a few different mountains as options, and we decided on Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park, in the great state of Maine.

This is a 5,270ft peak in Maine, contained within Baxter State Park. Many seem to think this is one of the best climbs on the east coast. It’s obvious from the picture that this won’t be an alpine climb- the low altitude plus the fact that it’s going to be summer means rock vs ice. In that sense, it’s a poor practice run for Mt. Adams in August (which, at least for the hard part, will be snow/ice). That being said, though, this is not an “easy” climb. We’re planning on making it a multiple-day trip, probably spending one night at the campground before making the summit push the next morning. We’ll still get a chance to test out some of our gear. Plus, as a fitness test, this is pretty decent. This will be my third “real” climb since I started climbing, and this will be the tallest peak I will have reached. Still, though, Katahdin is less than half the height of Mt. Adams!



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