How young is the littlest climber? or….seriously?

My two year old loves climbing all over things in the house- we like to joke that she’ll be a natural climber (despite the fact that I’m not). At the same time, we’ve joked about getting her into an indoor rock gym to climb on a wall. A recent trip to a gym out west allowed us to discover that they held parties for kids as young as two or three, with harnesses and shoes in the size to match.

All that being said, I am not sure my kid has the amount of dexterity needed to climb. Evidently, though, this one does:

The original story (with video and pictures) is HERE. First off all, this is pretty awesome. Second, notice the kid has no harness or rope. Third, if it was my child, she’d be hooked in. Fourth, did I mention how awesome this kid is?


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