Mt. Everest: corneas freeze at the balcony?

Leanna Shuttleworth is trying to become the youngest British female to climb Everest, and her father and her are also attempting to climb all Seven Summits. She has a webpage  and a blog  that is well worth the read. Her most recent post details her summit of Mt. Everest– it’s short, but it’s filled with vivid details and some great pictures as well. Check it out here. A small snippet of the dangerous one may face as they rise through the Death Zone:

Because of the weather the sun didn’t even start to make itself known until we were at the summit ridge, and with the biting wind and snow being blown around our whole jackets froze, we couldn’t get into our water bottles because the lids were frozen on, we couldn’t get into pockets because zips were frozen, eyelashes, eyebrows and hats had icicles on, and our oxygen mask valves kept freezing up. Because of the wind Chris actually had his corneas freeze at the balcony and therefore went temporarily blind and, obviously, had to turn back immediately and made his way down the whole triangular face without being able to see.


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