Countdown to Mt. Adams: 47 days


With the trek to and up Mt. Katahdin in the rear-view, Mt. Adams is now right in front. Katahdin was meant as a “warm up” for Adams- all in all, it probably kind of almost served that purpose. It was a good chance to test out some gear and gain some new skills and familiarization. It was the longest/hardest climb I’ve done thus far, so the gradual increase in difficulty is good. Unfortunately, the difference between Katahdin and Adams is very significant.

Mt. Adams in winter


99% of the gear and stuff needed for Adams is finished, just a few items of clothing remain. I’ve received the new pack (learning all it’s ins and outs), I’ve been breaking in the boots one day at a time, and I’m on the lookout for the few remaining pieces of clothes. The trip is all set, and plane tickets and other associated logistical items should be settled this week.

This climb has been planned since last year, and at the time it seemed very far and distant. In between, life happened. Now, it’s much closer. 47 days still seems pretty far off, but in the blink of an eye I’ll be heading to the airport with my stuff on my way to the mountain.


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