And we’re back with Sasha DiGiulian

In a post a while back (one of my first posts in fact) I shared a video of young climber Sasha DiGiulian. It turns out that since then, she’s been both quite busy and getting more and more popular. Her hometown paper, the Washington Post, wrote quite the flattering article about her. You can read it HERE.

I like DiGiulian and her story because it’s the storybook version of what many people want to see. Success is one thing, but homespun, hard earned, and seemingly random is even better. Her parents didn’t groom her for sport or get her trained at an early age. Instead she did her first climb when at her brother’s birthday party at an indoor climbing gym in the DC area. At seven years old, the brightly colored hand holds on the tall fake rocks in the gym can be inviting it seems.

She showed a natural ability, she eventually moved outside, she climbed harder and harder routes. She got sponsorship, she got popular…but based on the article (at least), she’s a 19 year old kid who likes to climb…she happens to be very good at it, and can get paid for it. To me that’s pretty awesome.


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