Welcome to Portland

It was a long day of travel, but by mid afternoon we had made it to Portland. The highlight of the arrival was seeing Mt. Adams on approach to the airport. It dominated the distant skyline, and it looked big and covered with snow (as expected, I guess).

We found our way to the rental car and hotel and made a last second stop (x2) at REI for some last minute items and some things that didn’t make it into my bag.

We got around the arts district of Portland a bit before getting back to the hotel for the final packing and packaging of food and such. It’ll be an early day tomorrow to make it out to the  meeting point, where we’ll meet up with our guide. He’ll probably do a final kit checkout before we head to the trailhead and start the trek up the mountain.

The weather is, well, warm. Ridiculously warm. Tomorrow is supposedly going to be near 100 degrees. We’re hoping that as we get out to the mountain it will drop somewhat, and then quickly drop as we gain altitude.


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