19 days and 54 days, Washington and Shuksan

19 days till my partner and I make the trip up to New Hampshire to climb the highest peak on the east coast of the United States: Mount Washington. We’ve made some preliminary plans regarding the approach and the routes. We have a primary campground in mind- one that puts us sleeping in pretty close proximity to the trail we intend on hitting. This trail will be one of the more challenging (and also less crowded) on the mountain. But we could get rained out. Wet rocks makes the level of exposure we’ll have that much worse, so if it happens to be raining or have rained in the day or two before, we’ll switch up our route.


Also, we can’t reserve a space at the campground (as we did last year on Katahdin), so if we get there and are out of luck, we have a backup site planned as well.

As  a “practice” climb this will be a nice warm up. As part of the practice part, we’re going to carry our full packs, weighted, on the ascent and descent. Of course, this isn’t necessary for a variety of reasons (both because of the logistics of the mountain and the fact that we don’t need that much gear). But, since this is a warm up for a much more serious climb later on, the full pack will be a good compliment.

Once we tackle this endeavor and return home, we’ll have barely over a month before heading out to Washington State for the main attraction, our climb of Mt. Shuksan in August.

Now we’re not going to be skiing on Shuksan, but this is still quite entertaining and a nice look at the mountain, here.


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